Forgiveness is the greatest gift you give to yourself,not to another. Find your peace knowing you set your hearts pain free. All of us need to remember this .. When it comes to love and relationships we all have been … Continue reading →

Winding Down

inding down after my evening meditation I am writing messages from the other side. Yes,with the assistance of my angelic guides. Here is what I wrote this evening 8/31/2017 Practice until you find your path in this lifetime. There is … Continue reading →

The Greatest Reward

Working as a Psychic Medium/Healer is  the greatest reward for myself knowing how many people nationwide I have work with and have helped. My gifts, are not for myself; they are for all who ask for my assistance. My gifts … Continue reading →

Animal Communication

I am in demand for animal communication more than ever. Please know I can communicate with those who are living as well in the spirit world.  All animals have a soul.  They have lived as we do with a mind, … Continue reading →

Psychic Spotlight – Tina Bliss

OM Times and Best American Psychics are very proud to highlight our Featured Psychic for this issue, Psychic Medium Tina Bliss.  Tina has won the hearts of many with her incredible compassion and beautiful soul.  As a multi-intuitive, Tina is … Continue reading →

Hampton Roads 7th Annual Tattoo Festival

Join Tina Bliss at the Hampton Roads 7th Annual Tattoo Festival  – Hampton, Virginia  –  March 3-5 2017 Tina will be at the event all three days, March 3-5 until midnight.  She is scheduling appointments and is offering discounted prices for readings at the event. You … Continue reading →

Past Life, Lovers, Soulmates

Many times in our lives we encounter people that we feel we have known before. We have all met an incarnation of another’s soul that we have lived before as family, children, husband or wife. In this life time it … Continue reading →