Forgiveness is the greatest gift you give to yourself,not to another.
Find your peace knowing you set your hearts pain free.
All of us need to remember this ..
When it comes to love and relationships we all have been hurt in some way.
Love comes to us in many forms.
From a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, family member.
At times we fight, there is distance, breakups, departure.
People come into our life and all are connected to the soul.
This is what a soulmate is.
A souls recognition, connection.
As a psychic I often am asked how could they hurt me they are my soulmate part of my soul tribe?
Yes, we do hurt at times.
That part needs to be forgiven. We are spiritual souls in  human form so we feel.
All soulmate connections do not die.
We depart in flesh.
The soul is immortal.
Its pure unconditional love will be with you for eternity.

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