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heartspace2Many times in our lives we encounter people that we feel we have known before.

We have all met an incarnation of another’s soul that we have lived before as family, children, husband or wife.

In this life time it does not always mean that soulmate you have a connection with are meant to be together forever.

You may, it depends on the karma you both have.

It can be a life time, a lesson or a debt.

As time goes on you will notice the pattern of the connection.

If it keeps repeating itself and feels good it’s a lifetime.

If there is an ending it’s a debt.

In this there is a hit and miss of one getting the lesson and one not, then it’s a soulmate.

Soulmates are a very hard connection to stay on track and keep going.

One soul is always more evolved than the other.

This is to teach the other higher learning to evolve in a love state.


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