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I am in demand for animal communication more than ever.

Please know I can communicate with those who are living as well in the spirit world.  All animals have a soul.  They have lived as we do with a mind, body, and spirit.

Yes, they do reside with passed on family members in the spirit worlds, which I call heaven. They are your family.

In the living your pets do speak to you in many forms.

They show emotion in many ways.

When feeling sick they can and will act out as a person would. I highly suggest keeping a journal of daily routines, food, sleep patterns, play time, anything that is a daily occurrence.

Your pets pick up patterns from their family.

They are also pranksters and love the vibration of a laugh when being playful,  as well as a smile on your face.

Animals give us a gift of unconditional love.

Cherish this for eternity.


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