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Reiki Session – 1 hour session $140.00
Reiki healing is a 21-day cleansing. It rids the body of toxins, old habits and patterns for the better and healing for the willing. Reiki is a beautiful gift to be shared from the practitioner to the client. Sessions are available by appointments and I am willing to travel to your location.

Long Distance Reiki Sessions – 1/2 hour session $140.00
The practitioner and client will consult first to set up the proper time to conduct the long distance Reiki.  Long distance Reiki will be given using a proxy. Reiki can be sent anywhere or anytime.

Shamanic Healing Session
Please consult as these are the same price structure as Reiki Services.

Arcing Radial Light Session – 1 hour session $ 100.00
Arcing Angel Light, is a beautiful spiritual energy healing. This energy work is a form of spiritual energy brought from the Archangels through Ms. Lorna Malmberg. A strong influence of pure Light given through the healer’s hands helps all conditions of emotions, relating to fear, confusion, stress and other problems connected with the deeper psyche. The Arcing Angel Light Healing can reduce stress by overriding emotional blocks, thus removing the ‘I can’t’ irrational fears and confusion created by emotional blocks.  For more information or an appointment please call me.

Chakra Balancing and Meditation – $55.00 per 1 hour session.
Opening Chakras and balancing for grounding to Mother Earth.
‘These sessions are for centering and and breathing for health of mind, body, and spirit”.

Guided Stone Meditation $60.00 per 1 hour session

House Blessing/Land Clearing $125.00
Using symbols, smudging and crystals.



 You must pay for your service BEFORE booking your appointment.
First come first serve basis booking appointments.