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Creative Writing – $75.00 – It is broken down to threes sessions.
This is automatic writings with angels, ascended masters, and then the gods and goddess.

Reiki Level I – $175.00
In Reiki I, the participants will learn about the history and origins of Reiki; the Reiki precepts; grounding, centering, protection; hand positions of Reiki; introduction to the chakra system and the endocrine system; and receives attunements. This permanently guides the person to great healing power. This class can be as long as 12 hours and participants will be able to give the precious gift of Reiki to his/herself as well as loved ones and pets. Each person will receive practice time, personalized study manual and a certificate of completion.
There are no prerequisites for Reiki I.

Reiki Level II – $225.00
In Reiki II, the participants will review Reiki I and principles; instruction of the use and purpose of three symbols ~ the Power Symbol, the Psychological Symbol, and the Absentee (Long Distance) Healing Symbol and receives attunements. Participants will be able to provide long distance Reiki at the end of this class. This class can be up to 12 hours and each participant will receive a study manual, practice time and a certificate of completion.
The prerequisite is Reiki I

Reiki Level III (Master) – $800.00 (includes a briefing of Arcing Angel Light)
In Reiki Master, the participants will review Reiki I and II curriculum; learn the Master symbol and how to give a Master level treatment both in person and over long distance; a technique to increase energy; and receive Master level attunements. This class can up be up to 12 hours and is one of the prerequisites for Master/Teacher; however, please note that Reiki Master and Master/Teacher can be combined. Participants will receive a detailed study manual and a certificate.
The prerequisites are Reiki Levels I and II.

Reiki Master/Teacher – $1200.00
In Reiki Master/Teacher, the participants will review Reiki I, II and Master curriculum; receive the Sacred Secret of Reiki; Master Training Exercise for men; Master Training Exercise for women; how to give attunements to first, second, and third degree students; practice in giving attunements; techniques of teaching at Master/Teacher level; receive Master level attunements; practice time using the Master symbol; setting up a Reiki business, etc.; and this class involves auditing and assisting with Reiki I and II classes among other requirements. Participants will receive a study manual and a certificate of completion. This class may be up to 12 hours of instruction.
Prerequisites are completion of Reiki Levels I and II.

Arcing Angel Light Teacher – $500.00
Arcing Angel Light, also as known as Arcing Light, is a beautiful spiritual energy healing. This energy work is a form of spiritual energy brought from the Archangels through Ms. Lorna Malmberg. She defines Arcing Angel Light as “healing that overrides blocked energy decomposing blocks to your natural energy flow and restores the flow to a clear radial light. A strong influence of pure Light given through the healer’s hands helps all conditions of emotions, relating to fear, confusion, stress and other problems connected with the deeper psyche. The Arcing Angel Light Healing can reduce stress by overriding emotional blocks, thus removing the ‘I can’t’ irrational fears and confusion created by emotional blocks. When one releases emotional blocks, they are freer to make attitudinal changes, which can then assist in self-healing.” The Arcing Angel Light energy spirals in and through the body’s energy field. Arcing Angel Light is associated with feminine energy beings of light such as Mother Mary and Quan Yin. This loving, beautiful energy works powerfully and yet very gently on the energy systems of the body, which promotes wholeness and wellness

This spiritual energy work takes 30-45 minutes and can be done in person or long distance. It is recommended for the maximum benefit to have three sessions over the course of three weeks.

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First come first serve basis booking appointments.