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What is Psychic Animal Communication?
Animal Communication is a form of intuitive or telepathic communication, a non-verbal language.


While working with animals, sensing the vibration that I see, hear, and feel is key to me, just like the vibration with a person or persons.  Animals do have a soul, just like human beings.


I  know most of us can create this communication to be more difficult than it really is.
Animals do not know war of any kind. They are natural healers. I call them our EARTHKEEPERS.
How does it work?
I open the gateway of unconditional love to receive my messages.
I have clients who I travel to in-person, Skype, or by phone.
Photos are great to view as well.
What are the benefits?
There are many benefits to communication with our beloved animals.  Tina can assist you and your animal companion with:
♥  Communication with a passed pet is always a request.
♥  There can be a past life to clear, an understanding of what your pet could want from you down to the food they need. Many animals are in rescue and have found homes. New owners are often concerned about how they now feel. Often needs are met as well as I show you how to communicate.

♥  Health questions or concerns.
♥  Questions about their desires for comfort and contentment.
♥  Questions or information about any aspects of your relationship.
♥  Selecting or introducing a new animal into your family.
♥  Relationship or behavior issues between multiple animals.
♥  Puzzling or challenging behavior.
♥  Achieving understanding for cooperation in competitive events.
♥  Energy healing assists in releasing resistant or negative energy patterns or illnesses.
♥  Wishes regarding dying (euthanasia) & communication after death (each animal is unique in what they request).

Healing always occurs during a session.  Working with animals is an amazing feeling.  God’s creatures are sacred.

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